1st International Conference on Iqbal 2020

1st International Conference on Iqbal 2020, Bahria University

24-25 November 2020

جوانوں کو مری آہ سحر دے

پھر ان شاہیں بچوں کو بال و پر دے

خدایا آرزو میری یہی ہے

مرا نور بصیرت عام کر دے


A second Iqbal conference was organized as 1st International Conference on Iqbal 2020 convened by the Iqbal Chair Bahria University, with the support of the Educational Resource Development Center (ERDC), Iqbal Academy, Riphah International University, Turkish and Iranian Embassies in Islamabad on 24-25 November 2020. The major objective of this conference was to bring the philosophy of Iqbal to an implementable level to the teaching and research so that students get oriented about Iqbal philosophy and make it as a part of their life. It was also attempt to develop realization among the stakeholders of the importance and viability of Iqbal’s message for personal and community development.

This conference ran in three tracks: Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology and Law. The main theme of this conference was

‘Relevance of Iqbal’s Quranic Wisdom in Youth Education and Development’

نوجوانوں کی تعلیم و تربیت میں اقبال کی قرآنی فکر کی اہمیت

The Conference intended to stimulate discussions among the broader social sciences community about the role we can play in practical implementation of Iqbal’s philosophy. It was an endeavor to share experiences, inspire people, build networks and lead towards practical implementation of Iqbal’s vision in youth education and development.


Academicians, professionals and students from Bahria University as well as other national and international universities enthusiastically participated in the conference. Iqbal Conference 2020 witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers, both national and international, who enlightened the viewers with their knowledge and engaged on various innovative topics related to the themes of Iqbal and Pakistan.

Around hundred research abstracts in Urdu and English were received by the organizers from research scholars all over Pakistan and abroad as well. 50 abstracts were selected for presentation after the review. Due to prevalent COVID-19 special conditions, the selected papers were presented online from researchers’ own stations through zoom meeting. Bahria University Lahore and Karachi campus also participated in the conference through Live YouTube and VLC transmission of main sessions through BU TV network. The opening, concluding and track sessions were transmitted Live by the Bahria University TV for academia and general public.

The conference proceedings were carried out through various scientific sessions and plenary lectures. The conference was embarked with an opening session followed by a series of track sessions and lastly the concluding session.

Outcomes and results

The conference served as a platform for sharing experiences of Iqbal’s study and his personal life at different levels, from debates by famous personalities who are affiliated with Allama Iqbal’s philosophy. The main outcome of the conference was to influence youth by acquainting them with Iqbal’s ideology through various means like speeches, panel discussions, paper presentations and presentation of Iqbal’s poetry as Kalam.

In addition, Conference also brought together embassies of Turkey and Iran to collaborate in celebrating and spreading Iqbal’s message at both national and international levels. The conference organizers are indebted to the Ambassador of Turkey H.E. Mr. İhsan Mustafa Yurdakul, and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran H.E. Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini for becoming partners in this conference and thus giving the feeling of Pan-Islamism to celebrate the birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who’s Qur’anic philosophy is equally received and valued by these great Muslim countries and many other Islamic nations.

The opening address was delivered by the Rector Bahria University, Vice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat HI (M), who welcomed the guests and participants and reiterated the Bahria University’s commitment to inculcate core Islamic and ethical values in its students. Host of the conference was Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik (SI), Iqbal Chair Bahria University who could not attend the session due to his health issues. The other three speakers were connected online through skype from their respective offices.

Session’s keynote speaker and grandson of Iqbal, Senator Walid Iqbal outlined Iqbal’s views on education. Guest of honour Turkish ambassador, H.E Mr. İhsan Mustafa Yurdakul highlighted the deep historical, political and cultural link between the Turks and Muslims of India and Pakistan. Guest of honour Iranian ambassador, H.E Mr. Seyed Muhammad Ali Husseini talked about relevance of Iqbal’s message in present times and emphasized on unity of Muslim ummah. Chief guest, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi NI (M), S.Bt. appreciated Bahria University’s institutional efforts to promote Iqbal’s ideology and commencement of post-graduate program in Iqbal Studies from year 2021.

In the concluding session, Professor Dr. Ghulam Moeen-ud-Din Nizami, in his keynote speech, elaborated Iqbal’s concept of education and training. Guest of honour, Professor Dr. Shahid Siddiqi enlightened the youth on the concept of mental slavery and freedom. Chief guest and Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan, Professor Dr. Baseera Ambreen emphasized on the need to incorporate training and value development in our education system. She also admired Bahria university’s efforts, especially in the pandemic to be a pioneer organization in systematically spreading Iqbal’s message.

The key focus of the speeches and discussions in the entire conference was the practicality of Iqbal’s message for the present times. The speakers discussed the various aspects of Iqbal’s ideology relevant to our education system.

In the concluding session of this very successful conference, the efforts of all the organizing teams were lauded by the Chairman Conference, Rear Admiral Habib ur Rehman HI (M), Director General Rear Admiral (R) Naveed Ahmed Rizvi HI (M) and Chief Organizer Dr. Muhammad Abid Ali.

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