28th NOVEMBER, 2023

ياد  عہد  رفتہ ميری  خاک  کو  اکسير  ہے              ميرا  ماضی  ميرے  استقبال  کی تفسير ہے

To the dust of my being is elixir the memory of the bygone age – My past is the exegesis (interpretation) of my future

Allama Muhammad Iqbal had a vision to revitalize Muslim Ummah, and his philosophical poetry effectively outlines the path towards achieving this noble goal. Revered as “Hakeem ul Ummah,” his deep wisdom and profound insights into the Muslim community have earned him immense respect. Beyond providing practical guidance, Iqbal’s poetic wisdom serves as a boundless source of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

In this challenging contemporary era, it becomes imperative to closely heed the teachings of this eminent sage. This conference aims to delve into and explore the profound ways in which Iqbal’s teachings can contribute to the resurgence of the Muslim Ummah, rekindling its glorious past.

Conference Title

فکر     اقبال    اور    بیداري     امت

Iqbal as a Catalyst for the Renaissance of the Muslim Ummah

The Iqbal Chair Bahria University proudly presents its fifth conference, bringing together universities from various Islamic countries. This conference will span one full day.

The primary aim of the conference is to foster a profound understanding of Iqbal’s philosophy and its potential to offer comprehensive guidance for the reform and rejuvenation of contemporary Muslim societies, all grounded in the principles of the Qur’an. Ultimately, the conference aspires to galvanize individuals and institutions alike, encouraging them to actively engage with Iqbal’s philosophy, embrace its teachings, and embark on a journey of positive change and upliftment for the entire Muslim Ummah. Through this shared pursuit, the hope is to create a brighter future in which Iqbal’s vision of a reinvigorated and enlightened Muslim Ummah becomes a reality.


Conference will be physically organized at Bahria University Islamabad Campus (BUIC), Bahria University Karachi Campus (BUKC) and Bahria University Lahore Campus (BULC) on the same day i.e 28 November 2023.

The sessions at each campus will be shared via Live BUTV/FB Page Live transmission.

Except for the opening and closing sessions each session will have a seminar and research papers presentation sessions.


All research paper presentations will be conducted online and will be hosted by individual campuses for their respective papers.

Date: 28th November 2023

Venue:  Bahria University Islamabad Campus (BUIC), Bahria University Karachi Campus (BUKC) and Bahria University Lahore Campus (BULC)

Organizer: Iqbal Chair Bahria University

Chairman Conference:  Rear Admiral (R) Muhammad Arshid Javed SI(M)

Conference Chief Organizer: Dr Habib ur Rehman Asim

Conference Chief Coordinator: Dr Muhammad Abid Ali

Deputy Organizer: Dr. Sanaullah Rana Al-Azhari

Contact Number: +92 321 5853820, +92-51-9260002

E-Mail: iqbalconference@bahria.edu.pk

Website: https://iqbalconference.bahria.edu.pk/

News & Updates


 Do not proceed with the registration fee payment unless you have received an email from the Iqbal conference, confirming the acceptance of your abstract and providing registration guidelines



  • All the selected research papers will only be presented online from researcher’s own station and mementos/certificates will be dispatched to the presenter.
  • This conference will be physically conducted on 28th November 2023 at each of the three Bahria University Campuses at Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.
  • The inaugural session will be conducted at Bahria University Islamabad Campus (BUIC) only, followed by seminars and scientific sessions at each of the three campuses. The concluding session at Bahria University Islamabad Campus (BUIC) will be held at the end of the day.

The sessions at each campus to be shared via Live Streaming on BUTV Youtube and Facebook Pages.

How to Reach?

  Bahria University Islamabad, E-8, Shangrilla Road, Islamabad
  +92 51 111 111 028